Antonio Formisano

Biography: Antonio Formisano earned Ph.D. in construction engineering from the University of Naples Federico II in 2007. He is currently an Associate Professor of structural engineering in the Department of Structures for Engineering and Architecture at the same university. From 2011 he has been an Aggregate Professor of theory and design of steel constructions and from 2014 has taught structural design. He teaches the II level International Masters: Design of steel structures, emerging technologies for construction, and sustainable constructions under natural hazard and catastrophic events. In 2014 he became a tutor within the Ph.D. program of the Portugal Universities (Management System FCT – Fundacao para a Ciencia e Tecnologia). Dr. Formisano participated at many national and international conferences and coordinated numerous research projects. From 2015 to 2016 he was involved on a project dealing with innovative systems of welded steel beams for floors and light roofing for applications in monument buildings and archaeological sites. Dr. Formisano is a reviewer of many international scientific journals and a member of the editorial board of a dozen of national and international journals.

Research Interests: Dr. Formisano’s scientific activity includes over 250 scientific publications dealing with steel and aluminium structures, protection of historical buildings, seismic design, exceptional actions, volcanic vulnerability, robustness and progressive collapse, resilience and sustainability.

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