Grazia Paolella

Professor, School Principal

Biography: Grazia Paolella earned the degrees in letters in 1978 and sociology in 1982 with highest distinction from the University of Naples Federico II and is currently a Professor at the University Suor Orsola Benincasa in Naples, Italy. Her positions included the school principal of ICS Don Bosco-F. D’Assisi in Torre del Greco where she actively promoted many cultural events and projects; president and member of the state commission on examinations of I and II cycle; lecturer at state and private organizations on the subjects of school legislation, Italian literature, humanistic laboratory, laboratory for simulation of scholastic teaching, linguistic education, psychopedagogy of education, and social politics for the disabled; consultant at the Scholastic Orientational Consultancy CONSVIP; researcher at the Regional Education Research Institute of Campania IRRE where she consulted and guided experimental teachings and formations of teachers; teacher at several middle level and high schools in the Neapolitan area; principal director of Public Administration; and director of formative courses for teachers. Paolella’s research, experimentation, and autonomous activities earned her many positions in psychopedagogy, project leadership, and public administration, and was awarded gold medal for Good Teaching Methods and meritorious citations by the President of the Republic, Giorgio Napolitano, and Ministry of Public Education. In 2011 she represented Italy at the European Union’s sponsored conference on Leadership and Management in the School. She also participated at numerous school manifestations, Universal Forum of Cultures in Naples, was responsible for her schools winning numerous awards on different subjects and enlarged the cultural horizons of students by touring several European countries and promoting European citizenship. The school books publisher Ferraro published Paolella’s book The Bandit and Synthesis and Hologram manual of scholastic rules, and she has been collaborating with numerous school magazines and newspapers.

Research Interests: Grazia Paolella’s passions reside with methodology problems, teaching and psychopedagogy, and their applications in schools, innovation, orientation, and science education. She also enjoys leadership roles, accomplishments of school programs, and participating and organizing humanistic and cultural events.

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