Lyuba Alboul

Senior Researcher, Mathematician, Roboticist

Biography: Lyuba Alboul earned Ph.D. in mathematics with the specialization in geometry and topology from the Moscow University RUDN in 1984 and is currently a Senior Researcher at the Center for Automation and Robotics Research at Sheffield Hallam University in Sheffield, UK. Dr. Alboul was a visiting scientist at the University of Genoa’s Institute of Applied Mathematics where she was awarded a research grant for foreign mathematicians. In Italy she conducted research on the use of geometric methods applied to surface reconstruction from complex three-dimensional discrete data and pursued this work at the Twente University in the Netherlands where she was a research fellow. As a professional mathematician with a strong fundamental training in pure and applied mathematics and broad research experience in computer science, engineering and artificial intelligence, Dr. Alboul has been involved in a number of research projects as a principal investigator. From 2007 to 2010 she was a co-investigator on the European Union’s projects GUARDIANS and View-Finder where she conducted research on the three dimensional representation of reality by fusing several sensor modalities and developed a low-cost multi-sensor system to acquire and simultaneously visualise environmental scenes. On Engineering for Life project she focused on the development of human-centered vision and measurement technologies. In 2013-2014 Dr. Alboul participated in the national project The Medic of the Future: Training and Support and worked on the development of a training system that combines a custom haptic feedback and three-dimensional computer-generated environment for training medical personnel. In 2011 and 2016 she was a Programme Chair of the International Conference TAROS: Towards Autonomous Robotic Systems, and in 2016 was the lead organizer of Fictional Human and Real Robot: Sharing Spaces with Robots. She is the author/co-author of more than 80 technical publications.

Research Interests: Dr. Alboul's current research involve the interplay of discrete and continuous representation of reality, perception, and interaction with real and virtual worlds, by both humans and machines. She is interested in developing an ecosystem that encompasses both physical and virtual environments capable of interacting dynamically and engendered by human behaviour. Dr. Alboul is particularly interested in developing such a system for Cultural Heritage.

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