Risks of Cities Perceived by Schools

Rischi delle città percepiti dalle scuole

The non for profit organization GVES was established in 1994 for producing (with public and professional seminars, town hall meetings, lectures to K-12 school children, technical studies of eruption scenarios and risk management strategies, public and professional publications) in the Neapolitan area a greater consciousness of volcanic and anthropogenic hazards and their associated risk. Many schools have collaborated with this educational initiative through the projects dealing with volcanic risk, conserving the memories of past eruptions, maintaining awareness of organizations responsible for risk management, creating abilities to judge the information received through the mass media, and developing educational methodologies pertinent to the security of the territory. The yearly manifestations of school students organized by GVES have provided an important forum for these children to express their perceptions of the risk posed by the hazardous environment as well to prepare them better to confront the resilience and sustainability issues of their territory.

This year's manifestation will be held during the fifth day of the conference and it is hoped that the schools of other Italian cities and those of other nations exposed to natural and anthropogenic hazards will also be able to participate with delegations at this event. The conference participants are also welcome to attend this manifestation.