Governance Practices

Prassi di governance

What kind of governance is currently being practiced for cities in hazardous environments and how effective is this governance? For the developing and developed countries the governance issues are different, because they comprise different social and economic structures and are often located in different geographical areas. Some cities have long experiences with their environments and their populations have learned from experiences while others have only fleeting interests because they lack active engagements. Rapid population growth in cities will continue and produce megacities of tens of millions of people where the social, economic, and safety problems must compete for resources, where the crumbling infrastructure must be replaced, where the cities of tomorrow must become the smart cities, and where these cities should not only be resilient but also sustainable together with their environments. The contributions to this preparatory session on city governance should present the current efforts being practiced to confront the governance of such cities and present case studies with both successful and failed governance, so that in a subsequent session on city governance future governance practices can be better defined and implemented for producing more resilient and sustainable human habitats.