Roles of Population and Business

Ruoli della popolazione e degli affari

The population and business of a city is comprised of individuals, groups of individuals, organizations pursuing different businesses, religious bodies exercising different practices, media promoting different agendas, nonprofit organizations pursuing different functions, and institutions involved in education and promotion and maintenance of cultural and trade activities. Each of these has a profound influence on governance, either because of its proactive or active involvement, and in a developing country lacking the institutions of governance the society must both educate itself and create the necessary instruments of good governance. The hazardous environments of cities place additional pressures on these groups in that they have common burdens to confront but whose solutions can be positive for some and negative for others. This session has the objective of discussing such issues for different cities for the purpose of defining common grounds among the population and business entities and identifying those obstacles that have the greatest effects on slowing down the development of resilient and sustainable societies.