Computational Aspects of the Neo-Deterministic Seismic Hazard Assessment

Aspetti computazionali della valutazione del rischio sismico neo-deterministico

Abstract: Technical session on the computational aspects of seismic hazard assessment with hands-on training on the utilization of neo-deterministic seismic hazard assessment (NDSHA) computer software. The scenario-based seismic hazard assessment lecture is the prerequisite for this hands-on computer lecture. An overview of the evolution in time of the computer codes at the core of the NDSHA approach is given. The input data required by the NDSHA computational package are described in detail, both for regional-scale and local-scale applications. Attending this lecture is definitely suggested for those who will practice during the hands-on sessions. Sitting in front of the computer, the participants will generate ground shaking scenarios and synthetic seismograms that can be used as seismic input in the design of seismo-resistant structures. Parametric tests will be performed to understand the influence of source, path and site characteristics on the ground motion. The lecture attendees will receive lecture notes.