Paper Submission
Authors of accepted abstracts are invited to submit papers from 2-5 pages for inclusion into conference proceedings and following the conference the authors of high quality works will be invited to submit full-length papers for inclusion into permanent literature. Papers are required for oral and poster presentations.

The papers will be prepared by utilizing the templates in either MS Word or LaTeX formats. These templates for submissions of papers can be downloaded from the Download Paper Submission Instructions.

Instruction for the poster presentation. The posters will be of good quality. Posters consisting of copy pages of articles will not be accepted. The posters will be specifically prepared for the conference, preferably by using power point, and printed in the format A0. It is recommended to limit the visual materials to short texts, colorful and well labelled diagrams, figures, photos etc. This can be read by a group of attendees at a distance of 1 or 2 meters. The poster boards are 1,20 m high and 0,80 m wide.